#7 tips from professional carpet cleaners to enliven your carpet

How well you may try to avoid but spills are simply unavoidable on carpets. Other than spills a mysterious spot or two may also appear on your favourite and costly décor item from time to time. You may even come across a sticky candy mess. The culprit in this case is not difficult to identify. To cut a long story short, your carpets require little love from time to time in between the yearly professional cleanings. Here we have few tried and tested tips to make your task easier.

Blotting stains

Experts who deal in emergency carpet cleaning in London suggest you should never rub stains on your carpet. Rubbing on stains only spreads the mess across a wider area. It also takes a toll on your carpet fibres. It is always better to dab stains with a piece of clean and soft cloth. You may also use a piece of sponge instead of cloth. All you need to do is dab the stain with a cloth or sponge and a soft cleansing solution. Remember you should always blot a stain from outside to inward. This way the stain will not get spread further.

Club soda is another helpful item

To get rid of certain types of stains on carpets club soda proves helpful. Blot the stained area with club soda and a piece of clean soft cloth. If this does not prove to be effective then you have to bring a little difference to your strategy. Add little quantity of white vinegar to club soda. Spray the solution on the stain and let it sit for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then press the area with a clean piece of cloth or sponge to soak up the solution. In most cases this trick works. However for tough stains you may have to repeat the process several times before the stain is all gone.

Shaving creams prove effective

Yes, you have got it right! Shaving creams are not just for the hair on your face and legs. The ordinary shaving cream that you use could be ideal to get rid of unsightly stains from your prized carpets. Directly apply shaving cream to a stained area of the carpet. Leave it for about half an hour. Then just blot it, using a clean and dry piece of cloth. Lastly spray a solution of vinegar and water on the stained area. Blot it up the same way. In most cases this strategy gets rid of nasty stains from carpet surfaces.

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Freezing the gum to remove it

The peanut butter trick works superb when you get gum on your hair. The same trick but in a different manner is useful to get rid of gum from your carpet surface. Trained and skilled professionals providing emergency carpet cleaning service suggest this procedure is lot less messy than the peanut butter trick. Take a piece of ice from the freezer and just set it on the gum. The gum gets hardened by the action of ice. Hardened gum is always easy to pick up off a carpet surface. You may even cut the strands of the carpet as close to the gum as you can.

Get rid of blood stains from your carpet with hydrogen peroxide

Scraped knees and bleeding noses are quite common. Blood when dries up on carpets make notorious stains. These stains are difficult to remove. Make use of hydrogen peroxide to make your task easier. Peroxide is an amazing substance when it comes to cleaning blood stains from rugs and carpets. First you have to loosen up the blood stains with soap and water. Then try scarping off as much of the stains as possible. Then you should add some hydrogen peroxide to the stained areas. As soon as you add hydrogen peroxide it starts foaming. In the last step dab the treated area or areas with a clean dry towel.

Pet cleaners are essential in households that have pets

Everyone loves pets. Pets are just a part and parcel of our households. Pets are quite notorious peeing, pooping and vomiting on carpets. There is no way to help this. Thus it is important to keep pet carpet cleaners handy at all times. There are certain factors to consider while purchasing these products. The range of products comes in a large range of varieties. The factors include the following –

  • Stain removal capacity – Your chosen product must be capable to clear away tough stains quickly.
  • Capacity to remove order – You chosen pet carpet cleaner should also be able to remove odours. It is even better to choose the products that have enzymes.
  • Scent-free – It is always better to choose pet cleaners that have no scent. Scented products often make it obvious that you are trying to disguise pet smells. Thu scented products often prove ineffective.
  • Mild and gentle – A pet cleaner for carpets should be mild and gentle. It must be safe on your carpets as well as pets and children.

Freshen up your carpet with baking soda

Good, old baking soda is an excellent option to freshen up your carpet. Along with a box of baking soda you also need a bottle of essential oil. Mix about 10 to 20 drops of essential oil with baking soda and sprinkle the mixture on a carpet. You should sprinkle it in the way you dust a cake with sugar. Allow the mixture to settle for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then vacuum it and your task is finished.

Annual professional cleaning is vital

It is important to have carpets cleaned by professionals at least once a year. The tips that we have discussed above are good to remove surface stains from your carpets. Apart from that there are lots and lots of unseen filth, grime, germs and parasites that you must get rid of. Without thorough professional cleaning it is quite difficult to tackle each of these issues DIY. Vip Carpet Cleaning London Ltd is a trusted name among professional carpet cleaners in London. These professionals provide thorough and quality cleaning of carpets at peanuts prices that easily fit into limited every budget.

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