Aria Oncology EHR Vs. AllMeds EHR: understanding what they offer

As a medical professional, you carry the weight of your entire practice when you are tasked with selecting the software that best fits the needs and budget of your practice. Aria Oncology ehr and AllMeds ehr are both superb at what they do, and depending on your requirements, either of these software is ideal for any medical practitioner. Let us understand in depth what makes them the top contenders.


What is Aria Oncology EHR Software?

The Varian Medical Systems’ ARIA Oncology Information System is an oncology information system (OIS) solution. The ONC-ATCB has approved it as effective EMR and PM software. The software is complete and incorporates data from many oncology treatment disciplines, including imaging, surgery, and medicine, on a single platform in the form of software for electronic health records.

Aria Oncology EHR Features

Health Assessment

Keep tabs on your patients’ health during and after their treatment. Create configurable data collecting forms, identify lab findings and vital signs trends, and automatically transcribe RoS and PE results.


Patient Charts

Examine patient charts to increase safety and oversight—ARIA EMR helps you rapidly discover plan changes and treatment overrides. By using date-stamped e-signatures, you’ll have a trustworthy audit trail.

Charge Posting

Keep track of everything you do in ARIA to help with correct charge posting. Process monitoring, relative value unit (RVU), and productivity analysis are all examples of export charges. Divide fees into technical and professional costs, make any necessary adjustments, and export to your HL7-compliant billing program.

Aria Oncology EHR Pricing

You might find this frustrating, but the vendor withholds its prices from the public. By selecting the pricing button, you can ask for an estimate.


Aria Oncology EHR Demo

A demo is a must if you want to know better what the software offers. It saves you the hassle of having to invest and then regret it. Schedule a demo now.

Aria Oncology EHR Reviews

Many reviewers have praised Aria, for the specific field that it targets in EHR/EMR, this software is the best.

What is AllMeds EHR Software?

The AllMeds EHR was developed to significantly increase practice productivity and workflow, lessen the quantity of paperwork and administration, and raise profitability. E-prescription, billing, reporting, collection management, and insurance claim processing are among the functionalities.

AllMeds EHR Features


With AllMeds’ unique ExpressDocs automation, virtually everything that occurs behind your front desk will be more efficient! Providers may complete common encounters using ExpressDocs in a single click, including chart notes, matching codes, communications, and task allocation throughout your whole office.

Online Community

They also offer a website called MyAllMeds, where users of AllMeds may obtain news, training advice, tools, and suggestions for customer support. They also offer streaming video-based Interactive Training Modules and free Demonstration Modules.


As part of the package, AllMeds EHR provides ExpressHX, a module which enables doctors to copy patient information from existing forms and automatically upload it to the database. A secure PatientHX portal can be used to collect additional data from patients.

AllMeds EHR Pricing

The starting price for this software is $5000 per provider, paid once per user. Customers can also get more information on monthly pricing from the provider and request a specific estimate by getting in touch with them.

AllMeds EHR Demo

It is always a great idea to schedule a demo, thankfully AllMeds offers one. It can give a proper glimpse into what to expect once you have purchased this software.

AllMeds EHR Reviews

The software has some great features, such the ability to auto-fill forms with information specific to the patient you are dealing with. Excellent billing features are offered, and the customer care staff is quick to respond.

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Aria Oncology EHR Vs. AllMeds EHR Software—Final Thoughts

With its emphasis on interoperability, Aria enables you to maximise the utilisation of patient data across platforms and devices. They make it simple to transfer patient data between hospitals and provide full HL7 and DICOM support. Your teams have immediate access to patient data, allowing them to improve planning and make quick changes as needed. Additionally, Aria promotes HIPAA compliance and documents activities for Pay-for-Performance initiatives that are based on evidence. udyam

Small to medium-sized practises can benefit from using AllMeds EMR software. You have the option of using these modules independently or choosing their integrated module, which includes everything from clinical, scheduling, and billing. All of the company’s development, support, and training teams, according to the corporation, are based in the US. Moreover, AllMeds Software offers value-added services for a fee, such as MIPS guidance to help doctors get through the confusing and complex MIPS maze.

With all being said, be sure to conduct more detailed research and compare as many softwares as possible and never skip out on scheduling a demo!


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