Best Places To Use Custom Wall Murals

You’ve probably seen a few wall murals in several public and private places from restaurants and hotels to hospitals and tech startups. Wall murals have come a long way and are now a popular design element for a wide range of locations. They also make for fantastic exterior design.

Wall murals seem to be all the rage now and are now featured in several different types of spaces. As they continue to get more popular, businesses and organizations across industries are starting to wonder if wall murals would work for spaces in their sector.

Whether you’re designing an entire hallway or creating an accent wall, custom wall murals are a fantastic way to use art to liven up your space. This article highlights some of the spaces custom murals are typically used, and how you might be able to incorporate one into your space.

What’s a Custom Wall Mural?

A wall mural consists of an image printed or painted on a large scale to fit on a wall. Wall murals can be designed and printed on some medium like vinyl and then attached to a wall with an adhesive. Unlike traditional wallpaper, murals are often a picture of a single scene, not a repeated pattern.

A custom mural refers to a customized design created for use by a specific individual or company. There are different kinds of wall murals depending on the material used to make them. Custom-printed wall murals are typically printed on vinyl, canvas, laminate, or some other appropriate material. Custom-painted wall murals are customized artworks painted on the walls of a client’s space. Custom murals offer a great means to showcase your personality or brand identity.

Where To Use Wall Murals

Wall murals have a wide range of applications and can be used in nearly every kind of corporate or personal space. Some examples of places that can utilize custom wall murals include:

  • Gyms
  • Tech startups
  • Hotels
  • Banks
  • Restaurants
  • Corporate offices
  • Event halls
  • Sport centers
  • Small businesses
  • Home office spaces
  • Worship centers
  • Bedrooms

This list is by no means exhaustive, and murals can be used in pretty much every place that has a wall. While they can be installed on most surfaces, murals are best suited for non-porous, smooth walls made of wood, concrete, or glass.

Why Choose Murals?

There are a few different ways to incorporate art into your space but murals have many benefits. Murals are visually appealing and engaging and can make your business or corporate space stand out from your competitors.

A custom mural creates a tailored experience for your visitors and employees by livening up your space and creating a great first impression. Creative wall murals, when used in the workplace, can also be tools to improve employee morale and even boost productivity.

Custom murals also give you the chance to communicate your brand values and culture in a fun and vibrant way. When you opt to use custom murals, you have the opportunity to create designs that are customized and personalized to your brand or personality.

Custom murals are also long-lasting and require minimal effort to maintain. Given the fact that they take up no floor space and create memorable experiences, they are a fantastic design element worth trying out.

Getting Custom Murals for Businesses

If you’ve decided to get a custom mural for your corporate space or business, you need to get it right. You need a mural that tells your brand’s story and communicates a warm and welcoming feel while remaining creative and unique.

To get custom wall murals for your business, contact a reliable art consulting firm that supports and promotes local muralists. These professionals will help you refine your artistic vision and create timeless customized art that will bring your space to life.

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