Do’s & Don’ts For IRCTC Agency Providers

IRCTC agents are allowed to book unlimited train tickets for serving customers. IRCTC agency providers are also eligible for additional services like flight and hotel bookings. It is one of the responsible jobs as an agent who got the validated authorization under the IRCTC department. Customers trust the agents with their traveling requirements & IRCTC expects agents should follow the same. Suggested guidelines are drawn to become the best IRCTC agent provider in the market. 

Becoming an IRCTC agent requires a simple process of filing forms & documentation. However, they are accountable for adhering to specific criteria to earn a commission. 

Listing Do’s & Don’ts for Agent Service Providers

Mandatory Steps During Registration

IRCTC agency providers got a valid registration under IRCTC, retail service provider ID was issued to book electronic tickets online. 

  • Aadhar verification is mandatory during the time of registration as a service provider. It makes them eligible to book reserved online tickets for customers.
  • PAN authentication is essential for getting the status of a registered agent.
  • An agent gets OTP whenever they log in to the account with the registered mobile number. 
  • The service providers will tolerate no sharing of IDs. 
  • The agent should share authentic personal details & proof for verification like mobile number, email address, and PAN or Aadhar number. 
  • In case of an address change, agents should be informed by IRCTC immediately along with submitting the original certificate issued by the service provider. 

Mandatory Steps During Bookings 

  • Service providers should proceed with ticket booking only when customers approach them to do so. 
  • After informing the customer & getting their approval, RSPs are not allowed for either bookings or cancellations. 
  • RSPs have the responsibility to maintain electronic records of customer bookings & cancellations. They must keep ID proof for future reference for at least six months. In the absence of necessary evidence, RSPs are liable to penalties. 
  • IRCTC shares the necessity of a valid mobile number of customers, which is a mandatory factor for bookings. Failing to follow the rule might result in penalties.
  • RSPs should print invoices that comprise details like Railway Fare, IRCTC’s service charges, agent’s service charges, and payment gateway charges.

Mandatory Steps During Cancellation 

  • RSPs are required to cancel the booked tickets only at the customer’s request. 
  • For cancellation, RSP follows a definite process where the customer’s ticket is on his request, and an OTP SMS will be sent to the passenger’s mobile No. The passenger will then share the same OTP with the service provider, and then the cancellation & refund amount starts for the customer. 
  • When the IRCTC agency providers cancels the ticket, it initiates the refund process & then the cancellation amount will be credited back to the same bank account using which the ticket was booked, feeding the correct OTP inputs.
  • If no OTP is received, the refund amount will not be credited for canceled tickets booked under service providers. 


  • Service providers are not allowed to share any advertisement in the press or print media without approval from IRCTC. 
  • Taking extra charges in the name of confirmed tickets or easy cancellation, IRCTC prohibits such practices. 
  • IRCTC agency providers are not allowed for counter tickets & liable for minimum punishment, which event leads to ID deactivation.
  • In no circumstances RSP shares its confidential account access with other parties for selling tickets. Neither through the website nor mobile application, it is strictly prohibited and liable to strict action if found guilty. 
  • RSPs are allowed to use only the ID under IRCTC rules. There will be strict action if they are found using any other wrong ID or personal IDs to get extra commercial profits. 
  • Under the Indian Railway Rules, the resale of tickets and undue transfer of tickets are strictly prohibited.
  • RSPs cannot print the official IRCTC logo on their visiting cards, pamphlets, and other invoices unless IRCTC shares any written approval to do the same. 
  • No unauthorized tampering or alteration of ERS – Electronic Reservation Slip is strictly restricted among the customer.

IRCTC is a growing department & regulates catering and tourism partners of Indian Railways. As per the latest data, more than 6 lakh online tickets are booked under the IRCTC portal for daily travel. There is a growing demand for IRCTC Retail service providers or agents to sustain these requirements. Most of India still do not ace the game of the internet, and they rely on these agents to book their online tickets. Also, there is high demand for tour & traveling packages under affordable ranges in urban areas. IRCTC agency providers get add-on services to meet customer package expectations, including bus or hotel bookings. 

Wrapping Up

Demand for the best IRCTC agent provider is growing exponentially in the market. They are required to adhere to the above-mentioned rules & regulations to operate through the legal process. Do your research beforehand, and take the help of a trusted Principal service provider like SiOnline to obtain agent registration. 

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