Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Price in Pakistan: Unveiling Affordability and Performance

The Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, a budget-friendly tablet offering from Samsung, has caught the attention of tech enthusiasts and consumers alike. In this article, we will delve into the features, specifications, and most importantly, the price of the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite price in Pakistan. Let’s explore how this tablet is redefining affordability and performance in the tech market.

A Compact Marvel: Design and Display

The first impression often leaves a lasting impact, and the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite doesn’t disappoint. With its compact design and sleek build, the tablet is comfortable to hold and carry around. The 8.7-inch TFT display provides a vibrant and immersive experience for both entertainment and work-related tasks. Whether you’re watching movies or working on documents, the tablet’s display ensures clarity and sharpness.

Performance on a Budget: Hardware and Software

Under the hood, the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite boasts a MediaTek Helio P22T chipset, coupled with 3GB of RAM. This combination might not be the most high-end, but it offers commendable performance for everyday tasks and multitasking. The tablet runs on Android 11 with Samsung’s One UI on top, providing a user-friendly interface and access to a wide range of apps from the Play Store.

Capturing Moments: Cameras and Media

While the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite prioritizes affordability, it doesn’t compromise on features. The tablet comes equipped with an 8MP rear camera that can capture decent photos and videos. Additionally, the 2MP front camera is suitable for video calls and selfies. The tablet’s speakers deliver clear and balanced audio, enhancing your multimedia experience.

Endless Entertainment: Battery and Connectivity

Longevity is crucial for any portable device, and the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite price in Pakistan addresses this with a 5100mAh battery. This ensures hours of usage on a single charge, making it an excellent travel companion. In terms of connectivity, the tablet offers Wi-Fi and LTE options, enabling you to stay connected wherever you go.

The Attractive Price Tag: Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Price in Pakistan

Now, let’s address the question that’s on everyone’s mind: how much does the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite cost in Pakistan? Samsung has strategically positioned this tablet in the budget segment, making it accessible to a wider audience. The price for the base variant starts at making it an appealing option for students, professionals, and anyone seeking a reliable tablet without breaking the bank.

Why Choose Galaxy Tab A7 Lite: Pros and Cons


  1. Affordability: The tablet offers impressive features at a competitive price point.
  2. Compact Design: Its sleek and lightweight design makes it easy to carry and use.
  3. Decent Performance: The combination of the Helio P22T chipset and 3GB of RAM ensures smooth multitasking.
  4. Long Battery Life: The 5100mAh battery provides extended usage on a single charge.
  5. Expandable Storage: The tablet supports microSD cards, allowing you to store more content.


  1. Moderate Camera Performance: While the cameras are functional, they might not satisfy photography enthusiasts.
  2. Limited High-End Gaming: The tablet is not designed for intensive gaming due to its mid-range chipset.

FAQs About Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

Q1: Can I use the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite for gaming?

Yes, you can play casual games and less demanding titles on the tablet, but it’s not ideal technology for high-end gaming.

Q2: Is the storage expandable?

Yes, the tablet supports microSD cards, allowing you to expand the storage capacity.

Q3: Does the tablet support cellular connectivity?

Yes, there are LTE variants available for users who require constant connectivity on the go.

Q4: Can I make voice calls using the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite?

Yes, LTE variants of the tablet support voice-calling functionality.

Q5: Is the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite suitable for students?

The tablet’s affordability and functionality make it a great choice for students.


In conclusion, the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite brings together affordability, performance, and functionality in a single package by Wise Market Pakistan. With its sleek design, vibrant display, and impressive battery life, it caters to a wide range of users. The tablet’s attractive price tag positions it as an excellent option for those looking for a reliable and budget-friendly device. Whether you’re a student, professional, or casual user, the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite proves that quality doesn’t have to come at a steep cost.

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