How do I get Twitter Downloader for PC?

Here is how to get a Twitter downloader on your desktop. First of all, we should know why we need a downloader for Twitter. In simple words, Twitter is one of the oldest and even most popular social media platforms. It is used to share various public and private updates by a variety of parties though it is not an interesting place compared to other popular social media platforms.

However, having a copy of whatever image from wherever is not a big deal. We can take screenshots in seconds on smartphones or else print screens while using a PC. Therefore, this topic is an important one for everyone who wishes to save videos from Twitter. You can easily bring whatever video clip on your desktop or even on your handset using Twitter Downloader. It is simple and fast. Just open it, download the video, and close the tab.

Twitter Downloader for PC

This amazing tool will help you to download both images and videos from Twitter. Of course, still you can make screenshots for saving pictures. But, it would be great if you can have an original picture. And then we should consider downloading videos and of course GIFs as well.

By the way, Download Twitter video using this tool is not complicated. All you should do is copy the video link and paste it into the tool. It will bring the video clip to your PC within a few minutes.

This is a simple web-based tool with a URL bar and a Download button. It can open on any device when you have the tool link. Whatever media file you download will save to the device in readable formats. So users do not have to worry about converting them. And even the quality of whatever will be the same which you can use wherever you like.

Twitter Downloader for Android and iOS

As you already know, Twitter Video Download Online is a web-based tool. And still, it does not have an installable app for Android or iOS. If anyone wishes to use the tool on their smartphone or iPhone, they can open it by using Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, or whatever web browser. In my point of view, having a tool that can open and close only when we need it rather than install another app is a relief. Still, it helps you to download pictures, GIFs, and videos too even if you are using your handset.


  • Twitter Downloader is an online tool that can use without installation. It can open on a PC or smartphone using a web browser
  • It downloads any media file like video, picture, or GIF from Twitter in relevant formats
  • The tool cannot use with Wi-Fi or mobile data
  • It converts mp4 clips into mp3 files
  • All files will save in their true quality
  • It downloads unlimited file for totally free
  • The tool helps to download unlimited files per day
  • It is fast and safe

Complete Guide to download Twitter videos

Here is the complete guide to using Twitter Watermark Remover on your Windows computer or laptop.

  • Before you start Twitter Downloader, make sure the PC or laptop is connected with Wi-Fi
  • Open the web browser on your desktop
  • Visit your Twitter account and go to the video you wish to download
  • Simply click the Share icon at the bottom of the post and copy the link. If not, you can copy the same link from the address bar after opening the certain post separately
  • Then you have to open a new tab and search, and open the web page
  • No need to scroll down. You can capture the URL bare where you have to paste the post link and the relevant Download bar below it
  • Go to the URL bar and paste the copied link
  • Then simply click the Download button and you can select the video quality that you wish from the given list. The download process will start once you select the specific quality
  • Take a deep breath
  • The video clip related to the link will save to your downloads
  • Then go back to the download bar and follow the same to download whatever number of files without a limit

Important note

Rapidness of the process depends on the Wi-Fi connection that the PC connected. And you can follow the same step guide even when using a handset. For that, you can use the Twitter app, navigate to the web browser, and visit the tool.

It is better to check the device space before saving a file if it is your smartphone to complete the process straightaway. And remember to turn on your mobile data or connect with stable Wi-Fi is important as always.

Currently, Twitter Video Download Online does not have a mobile app. It is not installable. Any web browser such as Safari, Google Chrome, and so on can help you to go through it.

Wrapping up

Save any media file from Twitter is no longer difficult thanks to Twitter Downloader. It is quite simple and rapid. The reason why we should use a third-party tool or application to download Twitter Video is for there is no certain method for it thus far. The platform does not give you an option by itself. However, the tool we brought here is a completely free service provider. It gives you space to save unlimited pictures, videos, or GIFs. Do not worry about saving pictures too in their true quality from now. This will help you to bring them all in perfect ways for absolutely free and safe.

It does not matter even you are using a PC, Mac, Android, or iPhone. Just open your web browser and enter the post URL there. The file you want will be in your download section within the next few seconds. you can select the file quality before saving the file. For example, you can request an mp4 file in mp3 format before downloading. 

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