How to Choose the Right Font for Your Sign Printing?

When it comes to choosing the right font for your sign, you should consider more than just branding. If you choose the wrong front, it can make your sign difficult to read. It also means that your signs are going to stand out for the wrong reason. Thus, you will fail to grab attention or attract customers to your business premises.

If you take time to choose the right font will help in ensuring that the signs are easy to locate, conveys the right things about the brand, and is efficacious in helping the business grow.

So, what should you do to choose the right font for your sign printing?

Reasons to Consider Sign Fonts

The font that you are choosing for your signs can speak a lot about your business, even if people reading them are unable to make conscious connections. Fonts will help in creating a certain personality, style, and delivery. Thus, the same message in two different fonts can have different effects.

Even when you are only using block capitals throughout the signs, there are multiple font options and each of these will feel and look different to the onlookers.

You can easily create a wrong impression if you choose the wrong font. This is the reason you should consider it an important part of your custom sign printing campaign.

What are the Best Fonts for Sign Printing?

There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to sign printing. What will work for your business might not work for some other businesses. Nevertheless, there are a few fonts that are stronger than others.

  1. Gotham: It is a modern geometric font that is based on Futura. The font is legible, clean, and sophisticated. It is an ideal choice if you are looking for directional signs.
  2. Century Gothic: This easy-to-read font is a popular option for signage. Its wide, lightweight characters can help in creating a balanced and open look. The font looks modern and classy.
  3. Din: It has been created by an engineer instead of a designer. Thus, it is perfect for traffic signs and directional signs. It has a compact and technical look.
  4. Garamond: This group of fonts is best for smaller text on signages since they are very easy to read and clear.

These might not be the only fonts that are ideal for signs, such as a banner, A frame sign, etc. but they have one thing in common and that is they are easy to read. It is one of the most important features of the font that you are choosing. You can start considering the branding and what you would like to convey with your signs.

When it comes to fonts for custom A frame signs, you need to consider manufacturing aspects, too. If something goes for print, flat cut, and vinyl letters, script, and serif fonts are more difficult as build-ups.

What are the Worst Fonts for Sign Printing?

The choices are endless when it comes to fonts. No matter whether it is because they have negative associations or are difficult to read, using the wrong font can be a costly mistake to make.

It is better to steer clear of these fonts when you are choosing them for your business signs, such as A frame sign printing.

  • Curlz: Only a few businesses can get away with using fonts that have curling ends. The font is very cartoonish and immature. Hence, it is not the best impression you want to create on your customers.
  • Comic Sans: Generally, it is better to use this font for anything related to business since it is taken as one of the least professionals. It might be easy to read since has many negative connotations, which you do not want to associate with your business.
  • Mistral: These fonts can be attractive and elegant. But onlookers can easily read these points. The font is difficult to make out and people are not going to want to spend time trying to figure out what the sign says.
  • Arial: Arial fonts are easy to read. That is the reason they are often chosen for websites and books. It is a standard font. Also, it is the reason it is not a good choice for signs since it fails to make them stand out. However, due to its legibility, it is a good choice for directional signs.

Choosing the Right Font for Your Sign

When you choose the right font for your sign, you need to ensure it is easy to read, clear, and doesn’t take enough time to decipher. Choose a font that will match your brand and say something about it.

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