How to Download Facebook Videos in 4 Steps?

Facebook is the biggest social media platform with over 3 billion monthly users. This is the platform where you can share your thoughts and ideas with others and even communicate with your friends and family. Have you ever struggled to share your Facebook videos off-platform? Whether you want to share Facebook videos on other platforms or download and watch videos offline, Facebook won’t let you do that directly. Although Facebook videos have a save option, it only saves the video to your Facebook profile.

So how do you download Facebook videos? Fortunately, there is a fairly easy way to download videos from Facebook. Do you want to know what they are?

  • By changing the URL
  • Using third-party apps
  • Without downloading software
  • Using online downloaders

Those methods come with simple and easy steps so that you can download your favorite Facebook videos to a computer, smartphone, or tablet. We come up with all the pros and cons of those methods. So you can find the best and fastest way to do it without any hassle.

Way to download Facebook videos by changing the URL

What would you think if there is a way to download Facebook videos directly from Facebook? No annoying software is needed and you can do it with just simple steps. There are two methods to download Facebook videos by changing the URL. So let’s see one of them.

  1. Copy the Facebook video URL you want to download.
  2. Paste the URL on the new browser in an address bar.
  3. Replace the www in the URL with the mbasic and hit enter button.
  4. Right-click the video and choose the “Save video as” option.

Isn’t this method simple? Yes, and also this method is now popular with all Facebook users around the world. But unfortunately, you can’t download videos with high quality using this method. If you want to get high-quality videos from Facebook use third party apps.

How to download videos from Facebook using third-party apps

If you want to get high-quality Facebook videos downloaded into your device, third party apps come first thing to your mind. All the users may know that there are several third-party apps that you can download from Play Store or Apps store on your device. For more, you can download the software directly to your PC and use them without any hassle. What are the 3rd party apps that are suitable for your smartphone and PC? Let’s find out.

  • FastVid

This is a fast and easy video downloader app. It supports all devices and downloads high-quality Facebook videos to your smartphone and computer.

  • MyMedia

MyMedia not only helps you to download Facebook videos but pictures and GIFs. This tool is free and you can download Facebook videos without any restrictions. This app also has a lock function so anyone can’t access this app.

  • FileMaster

FileMaster is a file manager, document viewer, text editor, and video player. It works with all the iOS devices like iPhones, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

  • MyVideoDownloader

MyVideoDownloader allows you to download high-quality Facebook videos and GIFs directly to your device. It is a high-speed video downloader with an easy-to-use interface.

Now you know downloading Facebook videos using third party apps is quite simple. But it comes with a few downsides like annoying ads, and some lag issues. And mostly those apps take up a huge space in your device. So to avoid those situations there are some methods to download Facebook videos without any software.

A simple method to get Facebook videos without downloading any software

Are you fed up with your smartphone and computer which are becoming slow and almost full of storage? Yes, downloading and installing many different apps and tools on your device makes it slow. So that’s why everyone finds a solution for downloading methods without downloading any software on their smartphone or computer.

For Android Devices

If you are an Android user,

  1. Select your favorite video from Facebook.
  2. Click the Share button and click the More option.
  3. Open your browser from there and play the video.
  4. Hit the three-dot buttons and click the Save file to device option.

For PC users

If you are a PC user,

  1. Open Facebook and find the video you want to download.
  2. Right-click the video and find the Show video URL option.
  3. Copy the URL and paste it into a new tab.
  4. Now right-click the video and click Save video to download it on your PC.

Sounds interesting? Yes, it is interesting. But the only problems with those methods are you can’t download videos in high quality and those processes are quite slow.

How to get Facebook videos using Online Downloaders

According to my personal experience, I found that using online downloaders is the best method to download Facebook videos. Because when creating online downloaders they almost think about all the disadvantages of other methods. And try to give you a better service.

Facebook downloaders are completely free web-based online downloaders that you can ever find. So you can get unlimited Facebook videos without downloading any apps just by copying and pasting the video URL. It also has the option to download HD-quality videos. So what is the best online video downloader for FB?

  • FDown
  • SnapSave
  • FDownloader
  • GetfVid
  • SaveFrom

They all come with both pros and cons for their users but FDownloader comes best among them. Because it comes with fewer cons and more pros when compared to other tools. Why would I say that?

  • Download High-Quality Facebook Videos and Images
  • Completely Free Download
  • One-Click Instant Download
  • Fastest Download Speed ​​
  • Clean and Simple Interface
  • No Subscription, Download, and Installation Required

So now you may wonder how to use this smart tool on your smartphone or computer. Here we come up with the simple 4 steps.

  1. Go to Facebook and find the video you want to download.
  2. Click the Share button and find the “Copy link” option.
  3. Go to Facebook Downloader and paste the URL there.
  4. Now click the “Download” button.

That’s all!

Summing up

Now you know there are many ways to download Facebook videos even though Facebook doesn’t give an option to its users to download videos directly from its platform. To find the most suitable option for your device and enjoy downloading unlimited Facebook videos hassle-free. For Readers!

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