how to move your guitar in dubai

how to move your guitar in dubai

To move your guitar in Dubai, you can follow these steps:

  1. Prepare the guitar for best movers and packers in Dubai transportation: First, loosen the strings slightly to relieve tension on the neck, and then wrap the guitar in a soft cloth or bubble wrap to protect it from scratches and other damage. Place it in a sturdy case or gig bag.
  2. Choose a reliable transportation method: Depending on your situation, you can either carry the guitar with you as hand luggage on a plane or in a car, or you can ship it through a courier service or hire a moving company to transport it along with your other belongings.
  3. Ensure proper packing and labeling
    1. Carry it with you:

    2. If the guitar is small enough, you can carry it with you as hand luggage on a plane or in a car. Make sure to pack it securely in a padded case to protect it from damage.
    3. Ship it: You can also ship the guitar through a courier service. Make sure to choose a reliable courier service and pack the guitar securely in a sturdy box with plenty of padding.
    4. move your guitar in dubai

    5. Hire a moving company: If you are moving to a new home, you can hire a moving company to transport your guitar along with your other belongings. Make sure to inform the movers that the guitar is fragile and needs to be handled with care.

    Whichever option you choose, it’s important to ensure that the guitar is well-protected during transport to avoid any damage.

We must first define a lyric video to go on to the how-to for creating one. A lyric video is a typical music video with lyrics displayed on the screen. The text that is displayed, along with the background music, makes up the majority of the music video’s content. A standard music video and an entertaining lyric video are typically released by musicians today on YouTube. Real music content shot on location can be used in lyric music videos, as can stock footage with lyrics added.

How can I perfectly time the lyrics to go with the music?

Do you know how to create subtitles for a video where the time codes correspond to the music? One trick is using a free auto-generated captions tool, which will cause the lyrics to play on the screen simultaneously with the background music. On the fly, you can quickly make a polished lyric video and upload music files from your phone.

What music copyrights require to be considered when creating videos?

First, obtain consent from the copyright owners if you are making a lyric video for someone else. You have two options for contacting the artist: through a website. You risk having your YouTube lyric video muted, demonetised, or removed if you don’t. You do not require to be concerned about copyright violations on YouTube if you are making a lyric video for original music that is your own. Be careful to provide evidence that you are the original developer.

In a lyric video, what part does stock footage play? 

Creating a lyric video with a bland, uninteresting background is unnecessary. A stock footage music video with lyrics is ideal for capturing and holding the audience’s interest for longer. With the help of stock footage, lyric video producers can evoke the audience’s feelings and establish the mood of their work. Lyric videos are the greatest option if you want to make interesting music videos but need more money for a full-fledged production. These are simple to make, incredibly entertaining to watch and provide your audience with the bonus of learning the lyrics and dancing to your upbeat music. In truth, lyric videos are a subgenre of music videos that are increasingly popular worldwide.

Thus, even if you’ve never produced a video, we’ve compiled this guide to help you make excellent lyric videos.

How to Create a Lyric Video for Free in two Ways?

To garner more attention, well-known singers frequently produce a lyric and actual music videos. The lyric video is also the most cost-effective way for independent musicians to market their singles.

The best way to create a lyric video with PowerPoint 

The best way to create a lyric video is with PowerPoint. The most effective method for making a lyric video with PowerPoint. And when the lyrics line changes, you only have to click on the slide. Although the steps in the instructions below were created using PowerPoint 2013, they are essentially the same in other recent versions.

  1. Make a PowerPoint presentation and insert two new slides. For it to have a backdrop image added, click the first one. Draw a text box next to add the song’s title and the singer’s name. The text’s size, font, and colour can be adjusted by opening the “Home” button.
  2. Proceed to the second slide and add a backdrop image. To include the opening line of the song, draw a text box.
  3. Please navigate to the playback settings, enable automatic playback across slides, and conceal it while the show runs.
  4. Go to “Slide Show” mode and start the recording there. You must click on the slide with the lyrics to match with each line as soon as you select this option because it begins to record immediately.
  5. The playing window will close once all slides have been recorded. The recording must then be saved as an MP4 file by selecting “File” > “Export” > “Create a Video” from the menu bar.
  6. After PowerPoint exports the slide recording to your computer, you can view the lyric video using the built-in video player on your PC.

On iMovie, how to Create a Lyric Video 

If you invested money in your Apple gadget, you might now benefit from the best free movie editor, iMovie. Thanks to its comprehensive selection of themes and effects, you may create jaw-dropping lyric videos with it, much like the ones you frequently see on YouTube.

  1. Activate iMovie. Develop a new undertaking.
  2. Drag and drag the music and a.jpg or. Png-formatted backdrop video or image onto the timeline. Add the proper arrangement to the visual content as well.
  3. You can watch the entire video by clicking the playback icon in the preview box. Remove any extraneous video if necessary.
  4. From the tool menu, select “Titles” to see the panel. Drag a title template from the selection to the start of the timeline. The song’s name, composer, author, vocalist, and other basic information should be typed in. You can move it about on the title track to choose where it appears and how long it stays on the screen.
  5. Users of iMovie can choose from various temples with various effects to add lyrics. To the timeline, drag it. The title box is now available for you to type the opening line of the lyrics. Once all the characters have been chosen, you can alter the font, size, colour, and position in the panel above the preview window.
  6. Paste the first line after copying it. To enter the second line into the box, double-click the first line. Use the same procedure to add the remaining lyrics to the title track.
  7. Watch the music video while synchronising the title box on the timeline to match the vocal and the lyrics.
  8. Replay the entire video after all changes are complete to ensure you did everything correctly. After that, please save it to your Mac by selecting the export icon. Alternatively, you can export it and immediately upload it to YouTube.


Lyrics videos are a good place to begin if you’re just getting started with either making music videos or even editing videos. They’re reasonably simple to make while also allowing you to improve your editing abilities due to the massive diversity you can have while generating these films.

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