How to Save Instagram Photos & Videos to Gallery Without Any App?

Instagram was mainly known for photos, but videos are becoming increasingly popular, too. In fact, a report shows that Instagram Stories are being used by over 500 million people every day! Maybe you want to download an Instagram video or image without using any app, no matter the reason it is very easy to save images and videos from Instagram.

According to my experience, you can easily try these methods to download Instagram images and videos without using any app;

  1. Download via a web browser
  2. Download via the screen recorder option
  3. Take screenshots 
  4. Download Instagram images via a URL

There’s nothing worse than watching a gorgeous video on Instagram only one time. I understand how joyful it is to watch your favorite Instagram video again and again. So, through this article, check out the best methods to download Instagram videos without using any app. Let’s begin! 

Download your favorite Instagram videos with these top methods

So, do you need a way to download amazing Instagram videos without installing any app because of a device’s storage problems, now you have the best solutions? Downloading Instagram videos without any app can be a bit tricky to figure out on your own, but don’t worry. Let’s review! 

  1. Download via a web browser

Keep in mind that, you can use below third-party apps for downloading both Instagram images and videos directly. 

Freemake Video Downloader 

This is an excellent Instagram image and video downloader that allows you to download Instagram videos for free. When you download videos from Instagram, this tool offers a fast and truly straightforward approach.


  • Support batch downloading 
  • It provides an Automatic shut down feature for battery saving 
  • Download directly to DropBox or Google Drive


  • Watermark is present on the free version
  • No macOS support


SaveFrom, the free and reliable user experience is welcoming and is also free of advertisements of any sort. With this tool, downloading Instagram videos and images in standard definition is very easy and fast, you will have to look elsewhere if compromising on video quality is something you’re not looking forward to.


  • It offers a clean, ad-free, and registration-free user experience
  • Properly work with almost every video platform
  • Can work with different browsers as extensions


  • For video resolution, SaveFrom has some limitations
  • The interface is dated and old models, with old graphics


This is one of the best online Instagram Downloader tools that are essential for saving Instagram photos and videos. It comes with a beginner-friendly interface that feels very comfortable while downloading or searching. And it has no cons too. So, DownloadGram is a top-ranked tool that I can highly recommend for you. 

  • It allows you to download Instagram videos and images in one place
  • Totally free forever
  • Download Instagram photos and videos with a one click
  • Unlimited download
  • Fastest tool ever
  • Multi-photo and video download
  • No requirement to install any app or software
  • Work with any device such as Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices
  • Completely safe tool forever
  • Free from annoying ads
  • No need to sign up or log in to save videos
  • No need to enter the personal information


  • No cons to show


InstaSave is a widely famous site that is used for downloading unlimited Instagram photos and videos online. The UI is very easy to access with a simple interface, and the users can easily understand how to download the videos from the site. So, this is a better site for getting a hassle-free video downloading experience. 


  • You can easily convert videos to MP3 and audio formats
  • Easy, reliable, and secure to use online


  • You can face some connectivity issues
  • May have downloading limits in place


This tool is famous for downloading Instagram videos with a burst speed. This tool is also high-ranked excellent and marked as one of the best Instagram downloaders on the Internet. This online tool to MP3 converter offers a decent, yet limited experience when it comes to fetching content from IGTV too. 


  • Works as a fast and easy Instagram video downloader
  • Comes with a clean interface


  • It can be a little messy with many downloads
  • Has quality issues and can’t deliver on all videos
  1. Download via the screen recorder option

The iPhone has a special feature called a built-in recording option. If you are an iPhone user and want to download Instagram reels on your iPhone, this is the basic method. With this feature, you can record Instagram reels on your iPhones directly. Don’t use any app or software. Simply click the “Screen recorder” button. Then, automatically record the video. But I cannot guarantee the quality of the video. Furthermore, this is not a better method for saving Instagram reels.


  • Very easy method
  • Anyone can try this method without any special technical skill, any app, or any installations


  • You can’t download high-quality videos
  • Full-screen record
  • You can’t share Instagram videos on other social media platforms
  • Only available for iPhones 
  1. Take screenshots 

This method is valuable for users that want to save Instagram images without any app. This is not great, and the resolution is not high quality, but taking a screenshot is the shortest way to download images from Instagram. If you’re an Android user, just press the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously. 


  • Easiest way
  • No need for any app or installation


  • You can’t get good-quality images
  1. Download Instagram images via a URL

This method is only useful for saving Instagram images on your iPhones. One of the ways to save Instagram photos on iPhone is by using the URL of the image. It’s a tried and tested method, although not that excellent, it works and it’s not that hard to do. 


So here are all! There are more different ways to download your favorite Instagram videos and images. If you do some research, I’m sure you’ll find even more details that didn’t make my article. So, find more or try these methods to download Instagram images and videos beyond the social media restrictions. Then, comment your ideas in the below comment section! 

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