The Little Known Benefits of Darth Malak Lightsaber

Darth Malak, the Dim Ruler of the Sith and previous student of Darth Revan, is a notable person in the Star Wars universe. His iconic red lightsaber is one of his most recognizable features. While many people know the lightsaber’s destructive capabilities, Darth Malak’s preferred weapon has a few lesser-known advantages.

Darth Malak-

Born Alek, Darth Malak lightsaber is the secondary antagonist of the Old Republic era of Star Wars. He is the main antagonist of the 2003 video game Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In the 2004 sequel, Knights of the Old Republic, and a posthumous antagonist: II of the Knights of the Old Republic: The BioWare MMORPG Star Wars: The Sith Lords The Colonial Era.

He started as a Jedi Knight and became a prominent commander of the Republic Military. During the Mandalorian Wars, he led the Galactic Republic to victory. He and Revan pursued the Mandalorian fleets that remained after the war ended into the Outer Rim, where they met the Sith Emperor and were influenced into becoming Sith Lords. Malak eventually took over and usurped power in his quest for galactic conquest, and he and Revan later established their own Sith Empire.


Darth Malak was a man with light skin and a height of two metres. He had blue tattoos on his bald head that he got from Zayne Carrick while he was helping him clear his name. After Malak had enraged his master, Darth Revan, Malak would later have his lower jaw severed. He would wear a cybernetic jaw emplacement for the rest of his life, allowing him to speak despite the severe physical wound. Malak kept his ability to say thanks to a vocabulary, but this voice reverberated and had a stern electronic tone, and his jaw didn’t move when he spoke. Alek wore the traditional Jedi Robes and wielded a blue lightsaber as a Jedi Knight. After becoming a Sith Lord, Malak wore a half-cape of black cloth and skin-tight red body armor. Malak also had a Sith Sword, which he got from Korriban, the homeworld of the Sith. He rarely used it in battle.


During his days at the Jedi Request, the youthful Alek was a hopeful Jedi youth with an unmistakable feeling of equity. It imparted it to his companion and later expert, Revan. Because of his faith in the request’s aloofness, Alek joined the Revanchists and Revan’s mission against the Mandalorian Neo-Crusader during the Mandalorian Battles regarding the Cosmic Republic with Alek accepting that the Jedi High Chamber couldn’t end the contention without help from anyone else.

Alek recruited additional Jedi to the Revanchist cause to fight against the Mandalorians ravaging the Republic because he believed the council had failed to uphold the order’s standards and achieve its goal of peacekeeping. Alek was proud of the Revanchists, thought that the Jedi Crusaders’ efforts were exemplary, and supported the Jedi Order’s goals: the Galactic Republic and the defence of the innocent.

Later on, as he assisted Jedi Padawan Zayne Carrick in exposing the Jedi Covenant, he changed his name to Malak and stated that he believed he was born with the name. Darth malak swgoh thought his name and identity were necessary after the Mandalorians attacked and destroyed his homeworld because he thought no one knew him as Alek.

After the Clash of Malachor V denoted the finish of the Mandalorian Wars, Revan and Malak started to disdain shortcomings. They became persuaded that a solid hand was required to keep any danger from rising again, edging fight solidified Jedi renegates nearer to the dark side. Even as their compassion waned, Revan and Malak still wanted to defend the galaxy from danger. This desire eventually led them to investigate the threat posed by the reconstituted Sith Empire in the Unknown Regions and confront its Sith Emperor in his throne room. Their foolishness against a power they didn’t ultimately have any idea of, nonetheless, made them intellectually wrecked by the Sovereign’s colossal might, finishing their tumble to the dark side and their change into the Sith Masters that would threaten the System as Darth Revan and Darth Malak.

However, Malak and his friend were underestimated by the Emperor; both eventually developed a will so potent that they could overcome the Emperor’s control over their thoughts. Despite this, Darth Malak adopted Sith characteristics, and both former Jedi was already too far gone; a being who is filled with rage and hatred and probably came to a conclusion, like his friend and later Sith Master Darth Revan, that strengthening the galaxy through the war was the best way to stop an invasion by the Emperor’s Sith forces. While his lord battled the Jedi Nationwide conflict through disruption and change, making a point of leaving the Republic foundation in one piece, Malak ruthlessly killed all resistance and caused monstrous blow-back, seeing his methodology as the best to generate results. This extreme distinction of techniques, combined with Malak’s consistently developing crave power and envy towards his lord, caused a crack between the two that ultimately resulted in Malak’s selling out of Revan.

Malak and Jarael-

Alek was a Jedi Knight when he met Jarael at the flashpoint station. He knew she wasn’t a Jedi, so he begged Demagol to be examined in her place. He needed to save the Ukrainifemale from being tormented and figured out how to save her from such a destiny. After Malak, Carrick, and Dyre rescued the Jedi imprisoned on Flashpoint Station, Jarael referred to him as “Squint,” He requested that she refer to him by his real name the following time they met. Alek lit his lightsaber, threatened Arkoh Adasca with it, and demanded that Adasca never harm Jarael again after Adasca insulted and struck her for using Comlink.

Malak tried to start a romantic relationship with Jarael after Adasca’s scheme was foiled, and they returned to Paris. However, she was hesitant because of recent experiences that made her vulnerable and left her unprepared for another. Alek was perplexed, and the young Jedi pondered whether the issue was the timing or not she wanted to be with him.

Darth malak toy attempted to persuade her to join the Revanchists against the Mandalorians and rekindle their romance when they reunited on Wor Tandell during the Mandalorian Wars. Carrick deceived Malak into thinking that he and Jarael were in a relationship after Malak’s duel with Rohlan Dyre, who was Demagol. Since Jarael wouldn’t be romantically involved with someone who wasn’t older and more established, Malak was not surprised when Carrick said they had ended their relationship when Malak confronted him about this. Read Also!

Conclusion –

In “Star Wars” The Old Republic,” Kotor 2 Darth malak armor was the main antagonist and a Sith Lord. The Old Republic’s Knights.” His lightsaber had two perpendicular blades on the emitter end and a red edge on the hilt, making it stand out.

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