What Are The Fastest-Growing Vocational Jobs In Philadelphia?

The trade jobs make up the backbone of our society and are much in demand. Indeed, most people are uncertain about the career path they want to follow to bag the trade jobs. In Philadelphia, the need for people with trade skills is significantly rising. As a result, vocational jobs are also emerging.

Unfortunately, the pandemic took away their trade jobs from many people. Thankfully, it is set to rise in 2022 and beyond.

How Has The Pandemic Affected The Learning Situation In Philadelphia?

The teaching strategies have seen a massive change amidst the pandemic. In fact, the world saw most accredited institutes choosing the online mode of learning. With frequent assignments and learning tutorials, students could catch up with the essential skill lessons. Besides, regular virtual practical sessions were conducted by technician schools as well.

Thus, this is because the responsibilities of a skilled trades professional are essential for the daily functioning of any nation. In fact, productivity is directly proportional to the development of the nation. Therefore, consider enrolling in vocational colleges in Philadelphia today.

Do Vocational Jobs in Demand Make Good Money?

If you wonder whether a trade job profession will give good money or not, then the answer is YES. Indeed, skilled trade jobs in demand can nourish a very lovely paycheck once you have advanced into it. The salary comes in near or above $62,900, which is the average household income in the U.S.Here is a glimpse of the fastest-growing learning trades career in demand.


When working as an electrician, you have to ensure that homes, businesses & everything have access to electricity. Apart from that, your days are usually risky because you will have to retain and repair high voltage power lines by mounting power poles.

MRI Technician

It is an excellent trade job for you if you appreciate working in a fast paced environment. Plus, you know how to operate a magnetic resource imaging (MRI) scanner to construct 3D scans of distinctive parts of a patient’s body.

Construction Manager

As a construction manager, you will spend your days commanding projects and supervising a variety of tradespeople. The vocational training schools help you acquire in-depth knowledge in areas like accounting, business, or construction management might not hurt.

Aircraft Mechanic

As an aircraft mechanic, you will need to keep the aircraft’s engine and airframe in excellent condition. It is because you have to meet the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards.


Welding is another one of the prime careers among trade jobs. Both the industrial construction and manufacturing industries demand welders. The median salary for a welder is $46,280 yearly. Moreover, the BLS expects welding employment to grow 5% over the next five years.

Will Enrolling In A Trade School Turn Out To Be Advantageous?

Enrolling in a skilled trades institute can turn out to be quite beneficial, especially in the long run. By obtaining a professional certificate, you can bag senior-level posts right after completing your studies. Thus, you can enjoy the upper hand during recruitment processes since employers will find you more desirable.

A good technician training institute can help you demonstrate a piece of good working knowledge in numerous aspects of your domain. Therefore, browsing for trade schools for adults near me should be one of the main goals after high school.

It isn’t necessary to attend a professional vocational school to enter the skilled trades industry. In fact, the minimum requirement is a high school degree.


With growing opportunities, it’s the best time to enter trade jobs. Moreover, these skilled trade jobs in demand are relatively easy to get into. Apart from that, the current placement rate for graduates is around 92 percent.

Apart from that people are earning good money from trade jobs in different parts of the U.S.A. Some of these cities include oda, Mill Creek, Haverford North, West Powelton, and Mantua.

Furthermore, there are many skilled trade jobs in demand that you can browse according to your interest. Therefore, you must learn more about career and technical education from accredited institutes and enroll in vocational education programs today!


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