What should you know about Rufus Mac download?

The computer is the key to today’s development of technology. There are several operating systems that run on computers. These operating systems differ in various aspects. Windows, Mac, and Linux are the most popular operating systems that are frequently used. But, sometimes, these operating systems may face some technical issues. As a solution for this situation, Rufus is created. If you have a computer with Mac OS, you can use the Rufus Mac Download version. There are several tools that have a similar motive as Rufus. Though there are so many competitors, Rufus has succeeded in acquiring first place.

Do you know what made Rufus the first? Its’ simplicity and reliability. So, with its simple and reliable nature, you can access this tool easily and smoothly. However, the main purpose of Rufus is to create bootable USBs. To access the tool, you have to download it first on your computer. But, do you know how to download Rufus on your computer? Here is the detailed guide about Rufus.  But, do you think Rufus supports any kind of operating system like a Mac? Read more to find out if Rufus Mac Download really exists or not.

What is Rufus?

If you are a person who admires simplicity and efficiency, Rufus is the best choice you will ever have. Rufus is specially created for creating bootable USBs. This is an application that only works on Windows. But, Rufus can create ISOs that operate on Linux, Mac, and other operating systems. This is a free tool with less file size (of 13.2 MB). But, the outcome of the tool is more effective than others. Mostly Rufus is used to formatting a USB drive, install OS on a computer that lacks a CD/DVD-ROM drive or to boot an operating system.

The main purpose of Rufus is to create ISO on a USB. This is an already mentioned fact. In an ISO, there is a copy that is similar to what is in a physical disk. This feature helps Rufus for Windows to store all the files on a DVD or on a computer by putting them in one ISO file. After it installs ISO on your computer, it will reformat your device. Therefore, there is a probability of losing your files. So, it is better to save your all files elsewhere in case you lose your files.

What are the Features of Rufus?

Rufus is an excellent tool that is used to format and create bootable USB flash drives and or live USBs using ISO files. It consists of several features that are unique and perfect.

  • Portable
  • Free and open-source
  • Create BIOs or UEFI bootable drives
  • Create DOS bootable USB sticks
  • Check USB media for corrupted blocks
  • Fast speed
  • Support 32-bit and 64-bit Windows OS

With these features, Rufus has become more outstanding than the other tools.

What are the System Requirements for Rufus?

Rufus plays a vital role on your computer. Downloading Rufus will be a great advantage for you. But, beforehand, you have to know its system requirements.

  • Rufus’ latest version (3.21)
  • Windows OS running PC (Windows 7 and later, 32 or 64-bit)
  • USB flash drive (Minimum 8GB)
  • ISO file

After completing these requirements, you can easily download Rufus on your computer.

Does Rufus Mac Download really exist?

It is sad to say but, the answer is “NO”. Rufus is a fantastic tool that can create bootable USBs on your computer. It is a tool that can be entrusted 100%. However, you cannot use Rufus Mac Download, unless you install Windows on your computer and install the software afterward.

People think that Rufus for Mac is available. They think that they are allowed to download Rufus Mac 2023 on their computer. So, they are tempted to search whether Rufus Mac latest version download is available for download or not. But, the truth is it is not. Rufus is solely available for Windows. Therefore, you can not find Rufus for Mac free download. You can access Rufus only through the Windows operating system.

But, luckily there are other options to fulfill your need to download Rufus for Mac on your computer. There are many alternatives for Rufus Mac Download. With these alternatives, you can create bootable USBs on your Mac computer. Etcher, UNetbootin, DiskMaker X, UUByte ISO, etc. are some of the best alternatives that assist you to create bootable USBs on your Mac computer.

Now, let’s thoroughly study the above alternative tools before using them.


BalenaEtcher is an open-source application that is compatible with MacOS, Windows, and Linux. Etcher works with USB and SD cards and comes with an image validation feature. Creating a bootable USB with Etcher is simple than you think.

  • First, you need to download the Etcher tool and install it on your computer.
  • Once the tool is installed, open it and select the ISO file you want to use to create the bootable USB drive.
  • Then, select the USB drive and click on the “Flash” button.
  • After that, Etcher will start to create the Bootable USB drive.


This tool is initially created for Linux-based boot drives. UNetbootin is a cross-platform utility that can use for other operating systems such as Windows and Mac.

  • First, download the software and run it on the computer.
  • Then, select the ISO file you wish to use and the target drive you want to use.
  • At last, click “OK” to create your Mac bootable USB drive.

DiskMaker X

DiskMaker X is the most popular tool that can be used for creating bootable USB drives for Mac computers. This tool is quite simple to use and can be installed in various versions of OSX/Mac OS.

  • Once, DiskMaker X is installed, it will automatically detect the OS X installation.
  • Also, it will detect the USB attached to your Mac computer or laptop.
  • Then, it will automatically flash the system image.


If you choose, UUByte ISO to create a bootable USB on your Mac computer, it will be super easy to use. It has a well-designed interface. So, you do not have to spend extra time figuring out how it works. With UUByte ISO, you also can create an ISO archive from external files or folders.

By using one of these alternative tools, you can create a bootable USB on your Mac. People who are concerned about not having Rufus Mac Download tool may use these tools to fulfill their needs.

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